How Continuous Performance Reviews Work Better for Your Employees

There are many techniques being suggested for how to best measure employee performance and establish development and performance goals. Although, the use of continuous performance management as opposed to the traditional once-a-year appraisal review is becoming a more common and popular trend being used, according to human resources executive search firms in Minneapolis.

5 Workplace Trends and Human Resources Training for Minneapolis Companies in 2017

There are a number of current trends in economic and business sectors that are helping to determine how companies recruit, train, keep, and organize their workforces for the short and long term. At hr connection®, we are able to address these and other current trends and how they can be handled by your company through our human resources training. Minneapolis businesses can benefit from this training and as a consequence, more effectively position their organizations for success.

Transforming HR And Recruiting This Year

There are always several workplace trends that are predicted every year. The skill is in knowing which are likely to reach reality and which will fade. We ask the same questions and benefit by networking with HR recruiting firms in St Paul. We know for certain that companies must face the issue of improving the candidates’ experience through the recruitment process.

Understanding Workplace Trends with A Vision for The Future

We are placed in an enviable position with clients consistently asking our opinion about how workplace trends will change in the next 1, 2, or even 5 years. By gaining insight into industry trends, they can adapt their HR departments accordingly. As a leading company focusing on human resource consulting in Minneapolis, we work closely with all parties to analyze the trends and changes so we can help your business grow.

How Will HR Change This Year?

As the job market improves, inevitably, salaries will increase and employers will be spending more advertising for available positions. Businesses will find themselves busier, as individuals require an upgraded and more flexible working environment.