How Will HR Change This Year?

As the job market improves, inevitably, salaries will increase and employers will be spending more advertising for available positions. Businesses will find themselves busier, as individuals require an upgraded and more flexible working environment.

Employees Will Refine Their Applicant and Employee Experiences
To attract better quality candidates, including HR contractors in Minneapolis and St. Paul, companies will educate, teach, and share skills that will improve the entire process for candidates applying for a new position.

When candidates are not updated about the status of their application, they do not recognize the company as favorable and may not consider that business as an option for employment, in the future.

Employees, including HR employees and HR contractors may benefit by receiving further training, additional workspace and receive recognition for their success within the organization.

More Competition for Great Talent
While employers will experience Generation Z entering the workplace and over 30% of millennials in management roles, the widening technology gap must be addressed. While consumers experience virtual reality daily, they will expect to see that move into the office and workspace.

Millennials leave their positions after 2 years, on average. Employers will need to work harder to retain their best individuals. They will also need to anticipate and work closely with their HR experts as the competition increases for great talent.

As organizations restructure, they will focus more on team performance, compared to the previous attention on individuals. With Generation Z and millennials prepared to work in effective teams, organizations will need to learn how to provide those targets and goals, while improving workplace wellness and a range of additional employee benefits to be able to attract the best of the talent available.