Understanding Workplace Trends with A Vision for The Future

We are placed in an enviable position with clients consistently asking our opinion about how workplace trends will change in the next 1, 2, or even 5 years. By gaining insight into industry trends, they can adapt their HR departments accordingly. As a leading company focusing on human resource consulting in Minneapolis, we work closely with all parties to analyze the trends and changes so we can help your business grow.

Making the Application Process a Great Experience

Too often in the past, employers have rejected individuals that do not necessarily meet their criteria at first glance, just from reviewing the application. While this may save time and money for the organization on the front end, they may be missing out on a candidate who has potential to improve their skills and become a successful.

Our human resource consulting in Minneapolis will help you review prospective candidates’ experience and offer clear suggestions for improvements.

By offering a better experience to the candidates, you continue to build your brand and offer positivity, where previously, a negative attitude was the only outcome.

Removing the Annual Performance Review

Organizing an annual performance review for employees is often seen as an out of date system, where management gets to share their views after asking employees to write their views in advance. Our experience with human resource consulting in Minneapolis informs us that individuals, particularly the younger generation, prefer to be reviewed as the year evolves, rather than waiting for 12 months or more to find out how they compare their skills and successes with their supervisor’s point of view.

Regular feedback provides an individual with an opportunity to make changes in a short period which may put them back on track for consistent performance. Where they must wait 12 months, their performance and expectations may have drifted too far for the situation to be remedied.