5 Workplace Trends and Human Resources Training for Minneapolis Companies in 2017

There are a number of current trends in economic and business sectors that are helping to determine how companies recruit, train, keep, and organize their workforces for the short and long term. At hr connection®, we are able to address these and other current trends and how they can be handled by your company through our human resources training. Minneapolis businesses can benefit from this training and as a consequence, more effectively position their organizations for success.

These top workplace trends in 2017 include:

1. Enhancing candidate and employee experiences

Creating experiences for potential and current customers has been a hallmark of business advertising and outreach for some time. However, the trend is now leaning toward creating these experiences for potential and current employees. Look for the hindrances to be removed through human resources training, customer service, and marketing to help make this possible.

2. Rise of the blended workforce

More individuals are working as freelancers today at remote locations away from the main company office. Thus, a company has in-house employees and remote or independent contractors working together. This trend is sure to continue and must be managed efficiently.

3. More frequent performance reviews

Employees, especially those of younger generations, don’t want to wait months or an entire year for a performance review. Look for businesses to provide faster feedback from employers that let employees know sooner about their strengths and weaknesses. Human resources training can help organizations manage performance feed back on a more frequent basis.

4. Emphasis on team performance

The emphasis on teamwork within companies is on the rise. Although there is an emphasis on individual performance, teams must work together effectively as a unit to match up against the toughest competition in various industries. Look for this trend to continue and rise.

5. Creative employee benefit packages

Employees are expecting fair and even better compensation as time progresses. This is important for both new employees and established employees. Beyond pay, employees are looking for work flexibility and health care coverage to round out their compensation package. Some employees even expect benefits related to student loans they have accumulated during their years of education that lead them to the current position.

If you are interested in learning about the possibilities when it comes to human resources training in Minneapolis, be sure to get in touch with the professionals at hrconnection®.