How Continuous Performance Reviews Work Better for Your Employees

There are many techniques being suggested for how to best measure employee performance and establish development and performance goals. Although, the use of continuous performance management as opposed to the traditional once-a-year appraisal review is becoming a more common and popular trend being used, according to human resources executive search firms in Minneapolis.

How Does Continuous Performance Differ?

By continually defining performance goals and reviewing an individual's achievements, leaders and the employees can process information throughout the year so that objectives can be continuously accessed and adjusted where necessary, rather than waiting for up to 12 months to see how close the targets and results match.

Human resources executive search firms in Minneapolis like ourselves are in favor of this modern trend. Continuous performance management is an effective use of both the company and the employee's time.

Annual assessments do not necessarily help organizations improve their effectiveness because changes to work may be postponed for long after a problem has occurred.

In addition, with continuous performance reviews, any variations between goals and the actual performance can quickly be identified, and both parties can form new goals to bring the performance back to the target level.

The whole purpose of annual assessments in some companies is to assess whether an individual is entitled to a standard or different pay rise. Human resources executive search firms in Minneapolis agree with us that this is an unbalanced way to assess an employee's performance, where only specific data is used rather than an ongoing performance review.

In a recruitment marketplace that is currently controlled by candidates, recruiters find talented candidates only consider working for companies that offer continuous performance reviews.