Customer Testimonials

As part of a medium-sized organization, the ability to tap into knowledge and resources from other companies is very important. Through hr connection, I have a large network at my fingertips. Several months ago I was presented with a question from the head of operations in relation to gathering a resource who could assist with some outsourcing activity. A request for help went out to the hr connection group and within a few days, I found the perfect resource for organization. Without that connection, I never would have been able to provide that information to our leadership team in such a timely manner. As an HR professional, I brought value to the organization. Being part of hr connection has allowed me to expand my resource base in order to bring the best practices and human capital solution to my company. The ability to share information and exchange ideas is what makes hr connection truly unique and immensely valuable
— Group VP of HR, Global Manufacturing Company
“The benefits of small group membership at hr connection are numerous – There isn’t a meeting where I don’t come away with new knowledge, ideas, suggestions or best practices. Just as important are the networking, professional friendships and camaraderie that develop within the group. hr connection has been a great way to broaden my professional focus and gain perspective outside of my organization. I consider membership an essential part of my professional resources!
— Director of HR, National Retailer Company
I have been a small group member for over fifteen years. My hr connection Group has provided me with support and help on two levels. First, as the top HR leader in the organizations I have been in and the confidential nature of the issues I deal with, I do not have anyone to ‘bounce ideas off of’ within my company. The decades of broad experience that the exceptional professionals in my hr connection Group have provided me with outstanding advice, perspective, options, and ideas that have worked and not worked for them in similar situations they have faced. I also appreciate that they share resources that have proven useful to them (search firms, trainers, consultants, books, etc.)
In addition to this HR expertise, my group also provides a safe environment for me to simply share whatever I am dealing with, which is not always HR related. I know that what we discuss remains in the room – no one has ever disclosed the confidential, private, information that is shared. Bottom line, my hr connection Group provides me with trusted HR advice and resources, and true support – on every level.
— HR Director, Retail Company
hr connection® provides me with a unique opportunity to develop professionally. I’ve gained
incredible insight through ongoing participation in energizing dialogue with a small group of my
respected peers on human resource leadership topics that really matter.
— VP of HR, National Construction Company
I have found the small group environment of hrGroups to be an oasis of thought, perspective,
insight, confirmation, best practice exchange, and support with my fellow group members. In our group meetings we have discussions and exchanges that, I believe, advances the quality of HR practice in the Twin Cities business community. Group members frequently bring vexing HR practice challenges to our meetings that, by the end of our sessions, have received new perspectives, new resources have been shared, and potential solutions have been offered which sometimes have been key to helping individual members increase their effectiveness as HR leaders. It also feels good to be part of advancing the impact of HR in other organizations.
— VP of HR, Global Medical Device Company
hr connection has been the one constant in my career over the past 20 years. While leaders and organizations change, hr connection has been a rock to me as an HR professional and a leader in my company.
hrGroups have allowed us to test many ideas in a jury of our peers before spending money and risking negative outcomes. The ability to test ideas before we go forward allows us to save ten to twenty times what we spend each year on our dues.
hr connection has helped me build my career as a senior HR leader. I have had the opportunity to build relationships that have been invaluable to me in acquiring new talent and finding key resources for our initiatives.