hrConsult Overview: HR Consulting at its Best

When it comes to finding the right HR expertise to help you deal with a specific business challenge, we know you have many choices.  Everyone from the world's largest consulting organization to professors at local universities are prepared to help you and your organization.

Human Resource Consulting Expertise

Our perspective is unique. We interact with HR leaders from nearly 200 companies every month. These organizations range from small businesses to multi-unit Fortune 500 companies. We don't just hear one or two challenges, we hear about hundreds. More importantly, we listen to what has worked in the field to make change and improvements happen.

Focusing on Core HR Consulting Issues

Secondly, we have a singular focus and passion for the HR function. That is all that we do, plain and simple. You won't get a consultant who worked last month to solve a supply chain bottleneck. We specialize in core HR issues such as talent management, performance management, leadership development, employee engagement, and compensation/benefits.

Serving Minneapolis and Beyond

Finally, we are proactive and responsive to our customers' needs and requirements. Nearly all of our core team and consultants have been on the other side for some part of their careers. We understand the importance of managing to a time and expense budget. And we also know that knowledge transfer is part of what you pay us for. In the end, we will enable you to be more effective when we leave. Ultimately that is what you pay us to do – provide human resource consulting services that achieve results.

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