Our Distinctives

  • For over 20 years, we have concentrated our search practice on critical HR role.  We are selective about the type of searches we perform and limit the number to ensure entirely focused, high-quality delivery.

  • Not only do we have a robust home-grown database of HR candidates, but we also have relationships with hundreds of business-focused HR practitioners and have met with a high number of potential candidates before we even begin your search process.

  • Candidates are often concerned about confidentiality during the course of a search.  With our solid reputation we have developed over more than twenty years, many hard-to-engage candidates have a comfort with us that they may not have with other firms.  Candidates trust hr connection.  That level of trust in our integrity leads to more applicants and a rich talent pool.

  • We value our members and offer a significant discount on our search services for members.

  • We interact with HR leaders from nearly 200 companies every month, so we recognize HR talent when we see it.


" Building the right HR team is essential to the success of every company. Finding the right human resource talent to build your team is hr connection's specialty. I know from experience that hr connection seeks out ideal candidates with the skills and cultural fit needed to achieve desired business results." –VP of HR, large construction company

"The hr connection team prioritizes a strong match over just placing a candidate. They have exceptionally high integrity and will not place a candidate just to close out a requisition. They truly  want it to be the right next step and their actions confirm this."  -VP of HR, Medical Device Company



Retained Search Overview

We work exclusively with the client and candidates from beginning to end.  Payment is made in three installments throughout the search process.

I. Establishing a Blueprint

  II. The Recruiting Process

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III. Hiring Selection

IV. Ensuring Success