Rob Takamoto

                  Rob Takamoto

Rob Takamoto is a Partner at hr connection.  Rob is responsible for hr connection’s small group process, hrUniversity and is an executive coach for hr connection.

Rob has worked in a number of global Human Resource Leadership roles for Ecolab, Quaker Oats, Fisher Controls Monsanto and Verizon.  Rob’s expertise is in developing HR Strategic plans to achieve the organization’s goal, building strong HR & LD Teams, Organizational Development, Change Management and Leadership Development. Rob has also worked in business leadership roles with Frito Lay and also the Radisson Hotels & Resorts.

Throughout his career, Rob has coached and developed many different business leaders and professionals. Rob has a keen ability to facilitate learning, actions and desired outcomes for business leaders and busy professionals. Rob’s focus areas are:

·       Enabling leaders to develop competencies to get to the next level in their organization.

·       Facilitate change in leaders to improve their overall leadership effectiveness.

Rob holds a Master’s Degree from the University of Illinois in Champaign and a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing & Organizational Behavior from the same university. Rob is a certified coach through the Hudson Institute in Santa Barbara, California.  He is certified in the Hogan Leadership Assessment Series, its 360 Degree Instrument and also the Kolbe Concept.

Client Feedback:

“I am pleased to comment on Rob Takamoto’s capabilities as a coach. Impactful coaches all have one critical thing in common: trust. Does the client trust in the coach’s integrity, motives and intent? Does he or she trust that the coach is genuinely invested in the client’s success both individually and organizationally? With Rob, the answer is a clear and consistent yes. This is fundamentally important during times of organizational change. Rob listens for the root of the issue at hand and connects it to business results. Rob’s clients are able to arrive at achievable and actionable conclusions after engaging with Rob and his thoughtful, empathetic, business oriented coaching styles”.

VP, HR, Fortune 100 Company

I have had the pleasure of working with Rob Takamoto professionally over many years. During this time, Rob helped lead positive organizational change. His success was driven by his strong leadership capabilities, focus on details and his ability to influence others. Rob has been successful in developing key talent through his direct involvement in coaching and mentoring. Rob has always possessed a strong ability to build trusting relationships through active listening and supporting individual’s growth. Rob has a unique talent when it comes to people development and can benefit any individual interested in their professional development.”

SVP, General Manager, Fortune 100 Company

“Prior to beginning the coaching engagement, there were many organizational changes which increased the expectations of my role in the company and by leadership. It was a struggle! I was frustrated and felt my progress was stilted given the change in expectations.

In the coaching engagement, Rob and I spent time trying to understand what the obstacles were for my lack of progress.  Rob utilized a number of tools, exercises, questionnaires and feedback from key stakeholders for me to better understand what the facts were versus what I had in my mind. It was incredibly helpful and built confidence in my ability to change!

The most impressive thing is that Rob never told me what I should do or what he thought.  He always asked me questions to help me find solutions to my challenges.  He guided me to facilitate the necessary changes within me.  It’s amazing! The impact on my work life has been great! I am still using the methods that I learned in my daily work.  I believe these tools will benefit me for the rest of my life!”