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hr connection & AlignOrg Solutions Leadership Workshop

  • Midland Hills Country Club 2001 Fulham St Roseville, MN, 55113 United States (map)

Becoming a Master of the Cube

Facilitated by Reed Deshler & Adam Anderson

 Aligning all the components of a complex organization to strategy can be a daunting task, like lining up all sides of a multi-billion dollar Rubik’s Cube®.  While solving for one side of the Rubik’s Cube is relatively simple, solving the whole puzzle takes some proven techniques and experience.  Nearly all leaders and organizations have stumbled as they have undertaken organizational change. To increase the likelihood of success, there are building blocks that, if followed, can increase your chances for success.

Mastering the organizational cube means orchestrating all the disparate parts of an enterprise so they work well together. In this workshop we will discuss how to become an alignment leader in your organization.  An effective alignment leader is one who makes true strategy execution possible by turning the organizational levers to achieve harmony among all the systems of the organization, which leads to sustainable marketplace success.

Reed Deshler and Adam Anderson of AlignOrg Solutions will facilitate this workshop based on principles from their forthcoming book, Mastering the Cube. AlignOrg Solutions is an industry leader in helping HR and business leaders learn the tools and principles that lead to aligned organizations. AlignOrg Solutions has worked with leaders in many top organizations including General Electric, Cargill, Hertz, 3M, Lowes, and Tyco.

The following outlines the approach to the workshop:

Target Audience:  Senior HR Leaders including senior business partners and Organization Effectiveness/Design and Talent Leaders

Workshop ObjectivesLearn how to master the organizational cube by focusing on how to:

  • Create an enterprise that is aligned, top to bottom, to the singular goals of strategy (How to approach structural change – Boxology vs. Align All Systems)
  • Avoid common change and alignment mistakes (Who to involve in the Alignment process – The Secret Society vs. Co-create)
  • Understand and identify the organization alignment capability needs of your organization (How to lead Alignment “Real” Work vs. Become an Alignment Leader)
  • Create an enterprise that is adept at continually and quickly re-creating itself (When to Align – One & Done vs. Design Fluidly)

Length of Workshop:  1/2 day

Take-aways:  All participants will receive a copy of the book, Mastering the Cube.

Facilitators Bios:

Reed Deshler

Reed Deshler

Reed Deshler is a principal with AlignOrg Solutions and a leading organization design and change management practitioner with extensive corporate and consulting experience. His expertise lies in organization redesign and alignment, change leadership, and strategic planning. He helps organizations across numerous industries make significant design changes by highlighting the linkages between the strategy, choices, and trade-offs. Reed is a regular presenter at international conferences and a noted educator of organization design skills with business executives. Reed is a published author who recently co-wrote the book, Mastering the Cube: Overcoming Stumbling Blocks and Building an Organization that Works.

Adam Anderson

Adam Anderson

Adam Anderson is a management consultant that drives transformation by aligning organizational choices to business strategy. He coaches and facilitates executives in some of the world’s largest and most respected organizations. Adam has developed tools and methodologies that help bring executive teams together to properly develop, articulate and disseminate strategy throughout their organizations. His methodologies have been adopted enterprise wide in Fortune 100 organizations. Recent examples include Lowes and Humana Inc. In addition to his work as a practitioner, Adam trains leaders and builds internal capability in organization design and change leadership.

Cost:  $349 Members     $449 Non-Members

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